Past Events & Presentations


2021-10 Hampton Roads UxS Demonstration Day

2021-06 Quarterly Meeting – Death From Above, 2nd Nagorno-Karabakh War

2021-02 Quarterly Luncheon; NASA AAM National Campaign & Army Robotics Specifications

2020-11 Quarterly Luncheon; Federal Labs, CRCF, VRIF, GAP, GO Virginia, & SBIR Opportunities 

2020-08 Quarterly Luncheon; VEDP, VIPA, CIT Overviews & ARISE Overview

2020-04 Luncheon; AUVSI Legislative Update

2020-02 Luncheon; VSGC Update

2019-11 CIT Opportunity Update

2019-10 AUVSI HR / VASBA Symposium & Gala

2019-08 AUVSI Advocacy Update, SAND Challenge, VSGC

2019-05 Intelligent Automation of Infrastructure Inspections, Education and Workforce Panel

2019-02 Public-Private partnership, committee reports

2018-11 TOPS program, CIT, Committee Reports

2018-08 5-year vision, Chapter goals/objectives

2018-05 Where we are going